Authentication methods

  • OAuth 2.0

Sending messages to private channels

By default, you can send Slack messages to any public Slack channel.

If you want to message a private channel, follow these steps:


Connect Slack to Strada (if not done already)

Make sure you’ve connected the Slack workspace you want to use Strada with.


Go to the private Slack channel

Open the Slack app and go to the channel you’ll be sending a message to with Strada.


Add Strada app to the channel

Right click on the channel name and click View channel details. Then head to integrations and press Add an app. Type in Strada and press Add next to the app.


Choose the private Slack channel in Strada

When configuring your Strada action within Slack you should now see the private channel in the dropdown.

Choose it to start sending messages!

Adding multiple Slack workspaces

To add multiple Slack workspaces (e.g. your company’s workspace and a professional community you’re part of), add two separate Slack connections to Strada.

Make sure to set different connection names so that you can distinguish them in your workflows.