Your Strada workspace

Welcome to your Strada workspace! If you added a connection in the previous step, you’ll see it added under the Actions list on the left.

If you skipped adding a connection, press + Add to add one now.


Actions represent your workflow’s steps.

Action types are either configured by Strada (eg. the Send a Message action type for Slack), or can be a Custom HTTP Request where you can make any API call to the connection.

Invoke action in code

To invoke an action in your workflow use the .execute() in your code.

Example: in the screenshot below, the SendMessage action posts a message to a Slack channel. To invoke this action in your workflow use SendMessage.execute(). The response is then stored in SendMessage_response.

Authenticating your connection

Before testing your workflow, you’ll need to authenticate your connection. Connectors leverage OAuth where it’s available, and API keys or custom connection methods otherwise.

You can give your connection a name, which is helpful for managing multiple connection types (e.g. two different Slack workspaces).

Continue building your workflow by adding more actions and any functionality or transformation in your code.

Next steps

Now that you configured actions, learn how you can test and publish your workflow.