Authentication methods

  • Database user name & password

It is best practice to create a new user with least-privileges necessary. If your workflows only need to read data, create a new read-only user to prevent accidental writes.

Enable access to Redshift

To allow Strada to query against Redshift, you may need to allow our IP addresses in your security group or firewall rules so they don’t block calls from your Strada workflows to your connected databases.

The IP addresses used are:

Allow Strada IP addresses in your security group

To modify the associated security group ingress rules, you can perform the following steps:


Select Redshift security group

Under Network and security, select one of the associated VPC security group.


Edit inbound rules

After selecting a desired security group, select the Inbound rules tab and click Edit inbound rules.


Add Strada IP to allow list

Click Add rule and select Redshift from the Type column, which will automatically specify Protocol and Port as TCP and 5439.

Then Specify the IP ranges listed above in the source. You will need to specify a prefix length of 32 as well (i.e. ->

Optionally, you can specify Strada Cloud under Description for future auditing.

Click Save rules to apply the changes and allow requests from Strada workflows!